Marketing matters

Coursera module covers accounting, operations and others

By Author  |  Published: 6th May 2017  12:05 amUpdated: 7th May 2017  12:16 am

When comes to business, it’s not just the smarts or the acumen that matter. While those aspects are what make a businessperson successful, a lot of the polish and perception of success comes from jargon: the fancy words and terminology used in business dealing.

In an attempt to teach these, Coursera has a new online course starting on the fifteenth of this month titled, ‘Business Foundation Specialization: An Introduction To Marketing.’ This course has multiple sub courses that cover other business specializations like financial accounting, operations management to name a few. The first course spans 5 weeks and required 4-6 hours of study time a week and is taught by the faculty at Wharton.

Marketing is perhaps the most visible aspect of business and the course makes sure to cover prominent topics such as Branding, Customer focus, Marketing Strategies and Communication Strategies. The course is content rich and makes sure that the learner gets to apply the concepts learnt via case studies and assessments conducted towards the completion of each module. The course is aimed at anyone looking to start a career in business, advancing their small business or even looking to apply for a business degree. This particular course has the added advantage of having industry partners in Shazam and SnapDeal.