Many things ‘fishy’ here!

Jasmine Pet Mart is the go-to store for people who like a bit of exotic in their aquariums

By Author  |  Published: 21st Jun 2019  9:57 pmUpdated: 21st Jun 2019  10:03 pm
Many things fishy here!

As you enter the Jasmine Pet Mart in Secunderabad, you are assailed with the explosion of colours, everywhere you see. While it stocks everything to do with pets, its aquariums housing a variety of fishes of different shapes and sizes is a visual treat.While the mention of pets usually conjures up images of dogs and cats, for the hobbyists, it is the ornamental fishes and varied shapes of aquariums that attract the crowd to the store.Many things fishy here!According to the owners, it is the biggest pet supermarket in the city spread over an area of 2,500 sq.ft. And, it supplies food and accessories for dogs, cats and fishes. “We have a working staff of 17 people, who have lot of knowledge about freshwater, marine water and planted aquariums. We also have an in-house veterinarian and offer free checkups,” says D Hemanth Kumar, MD, Jasmine Pet Mart.While the aquariums are the big attraction here, the store also a section dedicated to different products such as food, medicines, toys and accessories.

Many things fishy here!The owners maintain the section using special air ducts to eliminate the foul odour and has a separate air-conditioning unit to maintain an ideal temperature for the fish to survive. Among the varieties on offer are Gold fish, Molly, Guppies, Dwarf Gourami, Tetras, Barbs and Pearl Denios which fall in the exorbitant range. Those who like a bit of exotic in their aquariums can also look at Discuss, Arowana, Flower horns, Cichlids, tailless Parrot Cichlid, Alligator gar, Japanese koi and Frontosa. “We also stock imported moulded aquarium tanks and small fish bowls. There are also landscaped aquariums and terrariums equipped for survival and beautification purposes,” says D Hemanth Kumar, MD.

Many things fishy here!Live fishes are also imported from Singapore and Thailand; while aquariums and its accessories are sourced from China and Singapore. “We have a specially designated team for servicing, comprising upto five people who do door-to-door service.” They are also planning to put up a live pet store which will consist of all major breeds of dogs, cats, birds and other small animals.