Master of housekeeping

Clean up your house once with KonMari method and you will never need to do it again

By Author  |  Published: 10th Feb 2019  6:15 pm
Master of housekeeping

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organising consultant who transformed many lives. Her services command waiting lists a mile long in Japan, but for the rest – her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing set off a storm across the globe. In her book, she talks about the art of decluttering things, among which her most popular techniques are under the title of ‘KonMari methods.’

Marie Kondo breaks down her fundamental methods to approach tidying, check out a few of them here.

Engage in categories, not rooms
When it comes to decluttering, we tend to tackle mess by rooms. Instead, the author suggests tidying by category which will keep things organised. For example, keep all your books together, as they continue to creep from one room to other. She advices to begin with clothes, then books and later with old photographs.

No more nostalgia
While clearing the mess, you find many letters and photographers. Here the organizing consultant asks you to put blinders and focus only on the category, since the chances of going back in thoughts are high when you read an old letter from your closet.

Gather all your clothes and put them in a giant pile. Ask questions and give yourself permission to let go of your clothes which are no more in use. You will end up in filling the bags this way. You can even give them away to the needy and feel lighter.

Fold, don’t hang
Once you have sorted out the things to discard, you can decide where the remaining stuff will go. Also, Kondo asks people to fold them in a dresser instead of hanging them in a closet. She even teaches a few techniques of folding clothes, and suggests using smaller boxes or shoeboxes as drawer dividers.

Rediscover your style
Since we always choose easy-to-grab clothes, we end up wearing the same clothes on rotation. However, with this technique of decluttering, all your things will be organised and you can rediscover your style.