A meal with pirates

These restaurants take the concept of theme to a whole new level

By Author  |  Madhulika Natcharaju  |  Published: 8th Oct 2017  12:19 amUpdated: 8th Oct 2017  12:36 am
theme-based restaurants
An exterior shot of Pirate Brew. Photo: Kandi Sunny

Of late, the city has witnessed a spurt in theme-based restaurants, with almost every third hotel being a theme restaurant. Be it parties, weddings, food, events, clothes, hotels, room decors etc., all have a theme to them. People love anything that is different from what “normal”. Give them that and they are happy. Theme restaurants fit right into this perspective.

Ohris Silver Metro is a metro train-themed restaurant. It’s an 18-year-old restaurant, started in the year 1999. “It was my MD and AD who came up with this theme,” says Hari, the manager of Ohris Silver Metro. The restaurant looks like a train inside with tables set against the walls.

Even the door to the kitchen looks like the door to the pantry in a train. To take a metro train, you have to go underground, the restaurant follows the same pattern. From the main entrance, you have to climb down a set of staircase with both sides, made of glass to reach the actual hotel. “My grandfather loves trains so we took him for a dinner at Silver Metro on his 75th birthday and he was so fascinated by it. It actually made his day. More than eating, he spent more time busy staring in amazement at everything in the restaurant,” says Indrani, a PG final year student in the city.

Designed along similar lines and inspired from the movie “The Pirates of the Caribbean,” is the Pirate Brew, a pirate-themed restaurant in Jubilee Hills. Taking “theme” to the next level, it set on the fifth floor and is actually a ship is built within the framework of the terrace of the building.

theme-based restaurants
An inside view of the Silver Metro restaurant.

It is 50ft in the air and offers a spectacular view of the entire city, which looks magical, especially at night giving the appearance of a city filled with lights. The tables on the ship are actually barrels with a skull and cross bones replicating the danger sign. There is also a huge pirate behind the wheel on the top on the deck. The deck space below is equipped with an audio-visual set up, mostly used to screen sport matches. There is an open dining area as well.

The area next to the ship looks like what the interior of a pirate ship might look like. With torn rags hanging from the ceiling, crates filled with treasures, a bar counter full of rusty old glasses and dusty bottles of alcohol, it has two private rooms as well reserved for small parties. Even the wash rooms are pirate styled; the water in the washbasins comes out from the mouth of a skull, adding to that effect is the reddish lighting in the room which makes it look like blood coloured water coming out of the skull!

“It’s actually very difficult to make stuff look old and dusty” says Pavan, one of the owners and the manager of Pirate Brew. The cobwebs, dusty bottles, and more so, to create an air of dark, dull and gloomy with a hint of mystery to it is actually a difficult task. Most of our time, money and energy have gone into creating an apt pirate theme, but we have no regrets because the response that we have got from the people is tremendous, he adds. Even the menu items are in keeping with theme, like walking dead, the bloody pirate club, pirate sense etc., to name a few.
So the next time, you want to get a little experimental, you know where to head.