Mecca Masjid to be fortified

Minorities Welfare Department to instal 44 HD CCTV cameras in the next two days.

By   |  Published: 24th May 2017  12:41 am
Mecca Masjid

Hyderabad: Finally, 44 closed circuit cameras will be installed at the Mecca Masjid in the next two days with Rs 45 lakh. Another 14 high-definition (HD) cameras will also be installed at the Shahi Masjid, Public Gardens.

The Minorities Welfare Department will take up the work of installing the cameras in the historic Mecca Masjid with the assistance of the city police. “Thirty-six static and seven dome cameras are High Definition (HD) cameras and fulfil the specifications of the police. As security of the masjid is very important, we had consulted the city police in selecting the cameras,” Syed Omer Jaleel, Special Secretary, Minorities Welfare Department told Telangana Today. 

Around 23 CCTVs were installed at the Mecca Masjid in 2008, a year after the bomb blast, within the mosque. The cameras, however, could not generate high-quality footage and often developed technical snags leaving officials embarrassed. The city police had also sent several reminders to the Minorities Welfare Department to install HD cameras considering the security of the place. Around 8,000 namazis visit the Mecca Masjid in the first 10 days of the holy month of Ramzan to offer prayers. Though the numbers slowly decrease, the masjid compound is filled with shoppers in the run up to the Ramzan festival.

At the Shahi Masjid Bagh e Aam (Public Gardens), 14 HD cameras are being installed. “Since the masjid is close to the Assembly and Council buildings, we are instaling the cameras.

Security of this mosque is also very important,” said OmerJaleel. Meanwhile, the Minorities Welfare Department took up repairs works at the washrooms and cleaned the ‘Houz’ (water sump) from where the water is used for doing ‘Wazu’ (ablution). Jaleel said they would be providing more carpets to the mosque. The department released Rs 5 crore for Ramzan arrangements and the officials have asked the management of mosques who need money for the repairs and whitewashing the masjids to approach the Distri ct Collectors.