Meet Chandana Deepti, a people’s officer

Chandana Deepti, District Police Chief, Medak, who believes in transforming the society while keeping crimes at bay

By Author  |  Published: 4th May 2019  9:04 pmUpdated: 4th May 2019  10:10 pm
Achieving ideal balance

G Chandana Deepti — Indian Police Service Officer, 2012 batch, 65RR (Regular Recruit), trained at SVPNPA, Vijayanagaram. Well, it had to be that dramatic of an introduction or nothing! She is someone who has dived straight into IPS from IIT, got herself “people’s officer” as a moniker, known for her out-of-the-box ideas in bringing about a change, and continues to make unparalleled contribution in changing the image of “police” surely deserves much more!
Chandana Deepti, District Police Chief, Medak, has effortlessly achieved the ideal balance of being stringent while promoting friendly policing. And there is more to Chandana than just her tags. For example, did you know this criminal chaser is a huge pet lover and absolutely adores her puppy, Leia?

Now, read on to know more such fun facts about this IPS officer’s life in her own words.

How is it being a cop?

Policing as a profession empowers you like no other profession. You are now literally, and officially, the protector of lives and liberties. Now, this is something we traditionally expect men to do. However, I enjoy being an IPS officer a lot. It is a job which allows me to transform my officers into leaders at all levels and makes them sufficiently potent which, I believe, automatically brings about a positive change in the society as well. This is something that gives me immense satisfaction.

Why the shift from IIT to IPS?

You can’t always decide what your profession should/would be while entering college. You get yourself into something that seems best for you at that point of time and, then, that place tends to shape you into what you want to be. I am a Computer Science engineer from IIT Delhi. Yet, I don’t feel I’ve missed out on anything by choosing a profession that is entirely different from my degree. I enjoy being a generalist more than a specialist, at times.

What’s next for Medak?

We have stabilised the crime rate to remain at a very low rate and drastically improved the conviction percentage in Medak. We must work harder with respect to road accidents’ prevention though, besides adopting creative solutions for the same. Women, children, the weak and exploited sections are our priority. We have public grievance days on Monday. All my officers in Medak would treat you alike with due care concern and all the respect.

Achieving ideal balance
We aspire to achieve our vision of ‘One State – One Experience’ for the public through us. We’ve a ‘Bharosa Centre’ where we specially deal with problems of abused women. We’ve put the ‘Japtishivnoor Prostitution hub’ population out of their old ways (followed for more than 50 years) through systematic rehabilitation, skill development and continuous surveillance through CCTV monitoring.

“Learn a new skill everyday” — why?

An organisation will only survive meaningfully in a competitive world with constant learning. It’s the only sustainable competitive edge one can have. I want the learning culture to prevail in my organisation. This would enhance one’s self-worth, self-esteem, inter personal relations, and also capacity to contribute more.

The most interesting case

There was this guy who made thousands of fake identity cards, which looked very fancy, and mimicking police agencies sold them all over the country. Such fake card holders breach all security barriers. We arrested the kingpin and remanded him.

Stigma against unmarried women… thoughts?

This is 21st century! Get out of the old ways and let women breathe the way they want to. It should be us, and only us, who should have the right to choose. Society should get used to the ‘my marriage, my rules’ motto.

What does travel mean to you?

I think travel strengthens your perceptive. It gives us the ability to adjust better in this world, and contribute more. Countries with least environmental pollution, like the UK, are my favourite destinations. My idea of travel is to explore the cultures. I relish them and bring all that knowledge back home to devise best practices. Also, travel gives me a sense of achievement.

Is Chandana a foodie?

Foodie, yes! But, I take interest in nutrition management for the situational needs of the body. I am a vegetarian, yet, it doesn’t stop me from having fun while discovering new foods and recipes every day.

The Bharatanatyam stint?

Achieving ideal balance

I have been into dance ever since I can remember. I have always been keen on learning various classical dance forms. However, Bharatanatyam is something I continued to pursue since childhood. I was 3 when I gave my Arangetram (maiden performance). Post that, I gave several performances during school and college days. And, yes, my performances continued even when I was in the Police Academy. If there is something I miss doing, given the hectic schedule, it’s my dance.

Does Chandana have pet peeves?

Well, I find it difficult to deal with nagging and fake news. Though these two aspects make to my pet peeves, I’ve slowly learnt to live with them as well.

What do you do in your free time?

I generally engage in learning activities, fitness, and socialisation activities, if and when I find some leisure time.