Meet YouTube sensation Akasa Singh who launched her single Thug Ranjha

The singer has been applauded by the music industry for her unique voice and she recently collaborated for a single Thug Ranjha with Sony Music India.

By Author  |  Published: 12th Jul 2018  8:34 pmUpdated: 12th Jul 2018  6:02 pm
Akasa Singh
Akasa Singh

She hails from a musical family. It’s no wonder, then, that Akasa Singh is a beautiful and talented singer. Trained in classical music, Akasa began her singing career by the age of 17. With a vocal range spanning over four octaves, she soon became popular for her flexibility. She got recognition after taking part in singing reality shows like MTV’s Angels of Rock, and Star Plus’s India’s Raw Star.

Akasa’s hit single Kheech meri photo with Darshan Raval got immense popularity. She is also the only singer to collaborate with the international icon Ricky Martin for a Spanish song Vente Pa Ca. She was also part of a web-based reality show on Amazon Prime called The Remix, where she was paired with India’s best turntablists.

The singer has been applauded by the music industry for her unique voice and she recently collaborated for a single Thug Ranjha with Sony Music India. The song is composed and written by Bollywood’s quirky writer Vayu, and featuring actors Paresh Pahuja and Shasvat Seth. The video of song with Akasa in the lead wherein she describes her past love, and how she moves on leaving Thug Ranjha, has also captured the attention of viewers.

The singer of Thug Ranjha shares what she likes the most in the city, in a conversation with Tabloid Today.

How did you like the city?

I’ve been in the city earlier too, and did a lot of private shows. From its well-maintained roads to food in the city, I like Hyderabad a lot. It looks so advanced, with the infrastructure and maintenance, the city reflects a couple of foreign countries.
Although I didn’t get a chance to try much of local cuisine here, Vegetable biryani as I’m a vegetarian and Qubani ka meetha topped the list.

How do you feel being a part of Sony Music India?

Collaborating with such a talented team at Sony Music made it extremely fun to work on a song from the scratch. I could have not done it without them.

What is entertainment for you?

I’m not a party person, I like to be calm and spend time with myself. So, reading books and watching movies is my kind of entertainment.

Tell us abuot your fitness routine.

I’m a fitness freak, but it becomes tough when I travel. Since I’m a vegetarian, I have fewer options to choose from. So, all I do while travelling is maintain food habits and eat healthier food. While I say food habits, I can’t keep my hands off street food, especially Mumbai’s chaat.

What is your idea of an ideal vacation?

Right now, I’m travelling only on work and I’m thankful to get to see new places; otherwise, exploring alone and travelling solo is my idea of vacationing.
Though I am yet to experience it, what I feel is, it would be a life-changing experience. I feel travelling alone not only clears the mind, but also brings in the positive energy, the power of decision-making will be enhanced, and I might even feel responsible.

So, what’s next?

I’m working on my next single. The promotions for Thug Ranjha are still going on. We have performed in a few cities but there are more places to visit. I’m also in talks for a few web series. As for Bollywood, it will happen, when it has to happen.