Middle Class Abbayi entertains

By Author  |  Published: 21st Dec 2017  3:39 pmUpdated: 21st Dec 2017  3:40 pm
A poster of 'MCA' aka 'Middle Class Abbayi'.
Nani and Sai Pallavi in 'Middle Class Abbayi' aka 'MCA'.

Rising at the BO horizon is Nani. He is out this Friday not only in his stereotype but new declared avatar as MCA Middle Class Abbayi. This week’s offering reiterates the bane of Tollywood – the refusal to move out of the predictable pigeon hole.

To tow the line to the degree of a vice characterises this “creative” outing. Unlike in the past, Nani too has chosen to walk the path of the safe formula and give up on his variable quotient as an actor.

Arguably the actor is in the penumbral zone of having to choose between establishing himself as a star and proving himself as an actor. He chooses the former. Is that his undoing as with the film? Moot question!!
As suggested by the title, Nani (Nani) lives with doting Big Bro (Rajeev Kanakala). Matrimony and controversy arrive in the form of his wife Jyothi (Bhumika). Nani would believe that Jyothi is walling the hitherto sibling warmth.

For a romantic angle and to push the script further Nani gets romantically involved with Pallavi (Sai Pallavi). Jyothi gets into professional conflict with the baddie Shiva (Rahul). The script weaves the predictable conflict with Nani having to step in not only on the side of the good but in support of his sister-in-law who he misunderstood a few reels ago. You don’t need to guess that Nani will be victor alongside the duty conscious RTO sister-in-law.

Can the tale get more moth eaten? What saves the day is the combined effort of the cast and the crew.

Worth mentioning from the crew is the light foot tapping music from Devi Sri Prasad. Also the Director Sriram Venu bites just as much as he can chew and caters to the cultivated tale. Resultantly, predictability reeks.

Nani keeps things going to the best of his ability and as a product of his compromise. His romantic interest is not required to contribute to the script. The vibrant Sai Pallavi is reduced to nothingness and nothingness is what she contributes. Bhumika’s presence in a film often takes a roll of some substance.

As inheritor of the Jayasudha space she keeps her repute intact. The regular character actors including the comic providers are adequate. While they do not push, they do not derail.

Like the title and a common understanding of middle class, this is a play safe zone in which the film maker moves around to deliver. To the extent that it does not hurt, it entertains.

True to its title very middle class!!