Millennials type faster on smartphones than parents

Youngsters use both thumbs and reach the speed of 38 WPM on average with one user showing remarkable skill of 85 WPM

By Author  |  Published: 5th Oct 2019  7:36 pm
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In some good news for those who want smartphones to become their typewriters, the typing speeds on mobile handsets are now catching up with physical keyboards thanks to millennials.
A study of over 37,000 users found that the “typing gap”, the difference in typing speeds between mobile devices and physical keyboards is decreasing, and 10-19-year olds can type about 10 words-per-minute faster than their parents’ generation.

Researchers from Aalto University (Finland), University of Cambridge and ETH Zurich analysed the typing speed of tens of thousands of users on both phones and computers. If you want to type faster on mobile, the researchers recommend using two thumbs and enabling auto-correction of words.

“We were amazed to see that users typing with two thumbs achieved 38 words per minute (WPM) on average, which is only about 25 per cent slower than the typing speeds we observed in a similar large-scale study of physical keyboards,” said Anna Feit, a researcher at ETH Zurich and one of the co-authors.

While one can type much faster on a physical keyboard, up to 100 wpm, the proportion of people who actually reach that is decreasing. Most people achieve between 35-65 WPM.
The authors predict that as people get less skilled with physical keyboards, and smart methods for keyboards improve further (such as auto-correction and touch models), the gap may be closed at some point. The fastest speed the researchers saw on a touchscreen was a user who managed the remarkable speed of 85 words per minute.

To reach this conclusion, the research team collected a dataset from over 37,000 volunteers in an online typing test, with the help of the typing speed test service
With the consent of the participants, they recorded the keystrokes they made while transcribing a set of given sentences to assess their typing speed, errors and other factors related to their typing behaviour on mobile devices.