Mind-controlled robotic arm

The research team in Japan is working on a prosthetic which could be controlled by brain.

By Author  |  Published: 8th Aug 2018  8:36 pmUpdated: 8th Aug 2018  9:19 pm
robotic arm

Invention of prosthetic is nothing less than a boon for the physically-challenged individuals. With technology coming into picture the evolution of prosthetics has been revolutionary.

Now, the research team at Advanced Telecommunications Research Institution, in Japan has developed a robotic arm which can be moved by sending signals from the brain. The functionality of the robot arm is limited at this stage.

However, the research team has managed to perform the tests on 15 participants. Among these, 8 participants were able to grab a bottle successfully with the robotic arm while using their own hands to balance a ball on a board.

While this seems to be an amazing development in itself, researchers say the robotic arm is very basic in its functionality. Well, this mind-controlled robotic arm has certainly amused us, didn’t it?