Mindspace junction works going at brisk pace

Underpass works to be completed by next December.

By Author  |  Published: 14th Jul 2017  12:56 amUpdated: 14th Jul 2017  12:57 am
The rapid pace of development works Mindspace Junction.
The rapid pace of development works Mindspace Junction.

Hyderabad: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has set a target of completing the underpass works at Raheja Mindspace junction, Hitec City by this December and the flyover works by June next year.

In addition to these, the municipal corporation is also constructing utility duct and stormwater drain equipped service road at the junction.

The works taken up at a cost of Rs 103 crore and were progressing in full steam at the junction near Cyber Towers which is replete with corporate companies and is a high traffic zone. 

Mindspace Project roadsThese two works have been taken up to address not only the present traffic issues in the area but also to address the future needs.

One of the busiest road corridors of the city, estimates suggest nearly 14,400 vehicles passing through Mindspace area every hour and once the suspension bridge over Durgam Cheruvu gets ready, the traffic volumes are expected to go up. 

GHMC Commissioner B Janardhan Reddy said huge boulders, which were obstructing the underpass works, were blasted after seeking special permission from police.

He said several hurdles such as shifting of pipelines and electricity poles for executing the works were being cleared during the convergence meetings. He directed the officials to work in coordination and complete the works as per schedule.