Miss him, but in a beautiful way

Technology has improved and now even a video call can put you out of misery

By Author  |  Published: 20th May 2017  11:20 pmUpdated: 21st May 2017  1:01 am

It is true that a pregnant woman feels that she needs no one else but her husband by her side. Before they welcome the new addition to their family and get busy with the newborn, this phase is something that has to be shared by the couple together.

But often, hectic work schedules may mean living apart for a long period of time. And the mom-to-be may feel lonely, sometimes despite being surrounded by other loving and caring family members, as she misses her husband the most. After all, this is a precious relationship.

Communicate as much as possible
When your husband is physically away for a long period, he may not understand those physical and emotional changes you go through at this stage. So, keep talking to him about what’s happening within you and how you feel. If he is busy, leave a text message and ask him to get back when free. Remember that unnecessary stress and overthinking can increase your blood pressure which is good neither for you nor your baby.

Keep yourself occupied
Boredom is a common feeling that every mom-to-be goes through. And this is when you will start missing him more. So, the best thing to do is to keep yourself busy. You can even start a pregnancy journal or a blog to write about your experiences, organise a poll to know what other pregnant woman go through. You can also start going to prenatal classes to keep yourself fit.

Share what you get
Being a father is a challenging task and he is also new to this role. So, let him know how his child is growing. Share the mails you get about baby’s report, antenatal ultrasound scans. Make a list of baby names and discuss with him to finalise a name.
This phase has to be cherished every moment and missing someone can make you miss these beautiful moments. Consider yourself lucky as your partner cannot experience any of those. So, let him at least “feel the feeling”.