Top 10 mistakes MBA graduates should avoid

Most of the fresh MBA graduates use a standard resume for every company and role. This gives an impression to employers that the candidate is not interested in the job.

By   |  Published: 12th Jun 2017  12:09 amUpdated: 10th Jun 2017  2:27 pm

In the last decade, thousands of MBA colleges have cropped up across the country. Over a lakh MBA graduates are entering the job market every year. However, most of them are not employable. Further, salaries earned by Fresh MBA graduates are often as low as Rs. 10, 000.
The reason behind this situation is certain wrong beliefs they hold and mistakes they commit.

Here are a few of them.

  1. Overconfidence that they know the job market. The little awareness they have about job market is from what they learnt from friends and seniors. Job market keeps changing based on economy. So, their approach to jobs backfires often.
  2. Copied resumes. Ask any recruiter, 90% of resumes of fresh MBA graduates from a college are the same, except for personal details! Some of them even exaggerate facts to make the resume sound interesting. On the other hand, recruiters see through such resumes in seconds. If not, such claims get caught within few minutes into the interview.
  3. Vague understanding of job roles. Fresh MBA graduates little understand job descriptions. So, they land jobs that are not suitable for them, in terms skills or personality. This leads to low productivity, which further forces them to quit the job.
  4. One size fits all resumes. Most of the fresh MBA graduates use a standard resume for every company and role. This gives an impression to employers that the candidate is not interested in the job.
  5. Ignoring the basics. Some MBA graduates ignore the basics chasing advanced concepts. They study beyond their syllabus and keep getting stressed about their technical knowledge. But they fail at the interview because they ignored basics. Candidates answer questions theoretically, using jargon. But what the interviewer tries to understand is real life applicability, which showcases that that the candidate actually understood the concept. Mugging concepts may get marks, not jobs.
  6. No clue about employer. Often, MBA graduates do not do any kind of research about the employer or the job role before attending an interview. This offends employers. Without having an idea about the company, industry and job responsibilities candidates will only sit clueless in the interview.
  7. Not willing to relocate. First job is the foundation for career. Trying to get a job in the same city will force jobseekers to compromise on job profile. Not coming out of comfort zone will cost professional growth.
  8. Looking for high pay packs. Higher pay packs demand more productivity. If the candidate is not yet ready to take up so much responsibility, he will fail in the job. The experience can affect performance in future jobs also.
  9. Not exploring jobs. Even MBA college toppers are often not confident about their skills and end up taking the first ob they get selected for. Fearing their ability to land another job, they take up any job without checking if it suits them or not. Peer pressure, family pressure and self-doubt influence their job decisions. Eventually they become desperate to land any job.
  10. collegePoor communication skills. Many MBA graduates today do not have basic knowledge of English. Their resumes reflect the same. In the interviews, they struggle to form even simple statements.

MBA graduates should carefully avoid the above mentioned mistakes to get a suitable job. These are basic requirements of every employer.