Moving story of an unlikely friendship

Sometimes we know so little about the people we interact with the most, First Sunday highlights this point very well.

By Author  |  Published: 10th Nov 2018  8:00 pm

Friendship is, in many ways, involuntary. It does not require the common grounds of age or background in order to communicate. Today, the roles of the old and young have been reversed. Be it children learning the basics of anything from their parents or grandparents or the older ones learning the fundamentals of technology from the youth. This short film is about two such individuals who belong to two different generations.

The narrative starts with Rohan, a young man and a complete party animal who has complaints about his landlady, Mrs Braganza, who is strict and is old-fashioned. The landlady also doesn’t like him. But, one small incident changes everything.

It is a heart-touching story about Rohan, played by Gourav Passwala, and Mrs Braganza (Kamini Kaushal), who attempts to reconnect with a world obsessed with technology, and eventually she finds an unusual friendship with Rohan. It is the story of bonding and the transcendental quality of friendship.

Presented by The Short Cuts, the film shows how modern technology becomes the reason for a human connection that leads to a beginning of friendship, leaving a smile on your face.