Multitasking is the new poll credo now

Gone are the days when wiping the running nose of a child in a slum was a regular trick. Now it can be anything.

By Author  |  Published: 25th Nov 2018  12:08 amUpdated: 24th Nov 2018  9:55 pm
(Clokwise from L) TRS’ P Ajay Kumar ironing a dress in Khammam and Chintala Ramachandra Reddy cooking food in Khairtabad on Saturday. MIM candidate from Rajendranagar Mirza Rahmath Baig tries his hand at shaving as his supporters cheer him.

Hyderabad: Everything and anything is possible in politics, or that is what candidates on the field ahead of the December 7 elections are proving.

From men, who rarely go into the kitchen in their own homes, cooking on the streets and serving dosas to customers, to women who suddenly decide to help the neighbourhood ‘isthriwala’ by ironing a few clothes and yes, those who help municipal workers sweep the streets or carry a cement pan on their head to help construction workers, Hyderabad is witnessing multi-talented candidates all of a sudden.

Gone are the days when wiping the running nose of a child in a slum was a regular trick. Now it can be anything. If the sights during the campaigning in the city and elsewhere in Telangana are any indication, anything that can convey “I am one of you”, turn into a photo op or garner some attention, and if possible, a few votes too, is being done.

Odd jobs

And that includes helping barbers give a shave to their customers or a haircut; barging into a home while lunch is on and then feeding the residents, not just children, but the elderly too; and among the best, insisting on giving a bath to a slum-dweller who, unaware that a campaigner was nearby, decided to have a bath out in the open.

The most common gimmicks are ironing clothes and preparing food at roadside eateries. And usually, most of the candidates play it safe by preferring to make a dosa, since they have to just pour out the batter onto the hot tawwa, ensure that everyone hears the sizzle, and once it is done, serve it personally to the amused and somewhat embarrassed customer.

At the same time, social media is where all this is being circulated along with hilarious comments, with everyone having a hearty laugh at the stunts. After all, an election comes by only once in a while.

So far, the skits have been played out nicely and safely, with no dosas or clothes burnt. Candidates are yet to reveal whether they burnt their fingers, though. With barely two weeks left for D-Day, let us hope they keep up the humour.