Munch on some crispy corn

A snack to devour this summer party season

By Author  |  Published: 11th May 2019  6:37 pmUpdated: 11th May 2019  8:13 pm
Chomp chomp

Confused what appetisers to serve at a party or a small get-together? Well, here is your answer — a crunchy snack which you can munch on. Just fry it and grab a bowlful of crispy flavour. Often confused with field corn, this sweet corn is yellow in colour whereas the field corn is orange.

We have to use sweetcorn kernels for this particular snack which is perfect when you have to entertain guests, especially when you have less time to invest in cooking.Without any rush, you can prepare this snack within an hour and can serve it with tomato ketchup, and tea. People can even have it as a beer snack and can enjoy their evening.


Sweet corn kernels – 1-2 big bowls

Corn flour – 2 tbsps

Rice flour – 2 tbsps

Oil, for deep fry

Dry mango powder – 1 tsp

Lemon – ½

Red chilli powder – ½ tsp

Cumin powder – 1 tsp

Turmeric – 1 tsp

Green coriander – 1 small bowl

Green chillies, finely chopped – 1-2

Onions, finely chopped – 1 medium-sized bowl

Green capsicum, finely chopped – 1 medium-sized bowl

Salt and black pepper, to taste



* Boil sweet corn kernels for five- six minutes so that it can be become soft.

* Strain the water and keep it aside in a vessel, till it cools.

* Now, add the corn flour, rice flour, salt, cumin powder, chilli powder, turmeric powder, and mix all till the sweetcorn is coated. If it’s still powdery, you can add a little water to the mixture.

* Now, heat the pan or wok, pour enough oil and heat it.

* Put the coated corn to fry once the oil gets heated.

* Spread it with the help of a ladle.

* Make sure to keep your flame on low to medium and roast the corn for 2-3 minutes.

* You can cover the wok if corn splutters.

* Now, take a plate and spread tissue papers on it, so that it can absorb excess oil, and start taking out the corn from wok.

* Make sure to roast it nicely, but do not over-roast it, as it may taste bitter.

* Now, it’s time to half fry the finely chopped onions and capsicum to add some crispiness to the snack.

* Add it to the crispy corn and garnish it with chopped fresh green coriander, chopped green chillies, and dry mango powder, squeeze the lemon juice and mix it.

* Crispy corn is ready to serve.


  •  Never use knife to cut out the corn kernels from the cob; rather use your fingers.
  •  If you’re buying the sweetcorn kernels, make sure they are not tender.
  •  Frozen sweetcorn kernels can’t be used here, as they have moisture inside it and can reduce the crispiness of the snack.