Mysterious Red Rain of Idukki, Kerala

By   |  Published: 19th Feb 2017  12:52 am

According to Hindu beliefs, red rain considered to be a wrath of Gods for punishing sinners. It heralds a time of destruction and woe to come, incited by the killing of innocents.

So you can imagine the shock of residents in the small town of Idukki, Kerala when they witnessed sporadic red rain in 2001 from July 25 to September 23. It stained clothes with an appearance similar to that of blood. According to locals, a loud thunderclap and flash of light, followed by groves of trees shedding shriveled grey “burnt” leaves, preceded the first coloured rain.

It was not the first time this sort of phenomenon took place at Idukki, the first incident of red rain dates back to 1818.

Since then, the region, is known as ‘The Red Region’, having witnessed this unusual sight intermittently. Many scientists have proposed a possible explanation for the phenomenon. Some say that the rain contains micro-organisms that were responsible for the origin of life on earth. Others suggest an extra-terrestrial activity. Whatever be the explanation, the red colour in the rain is a cause of curiosity and fear amongst villagers that still remains unsolved till date.