Nail art trends for Christmas parties

Snowflakes and pudding dominate the beauty world this festive season

By Author  |  Published: 22nd Dec 2017  8:43 pm
nail art

Christmas is one such festival where people go on a party spree. Being party-ready the christmassy way is a trend that is turning out to be big and nail art has become quirkier with Christmas themes like snowflakes, santa caps, pudding, among many others. To make them look pretty and beautiful, all you need to do is to get the colour combinations right. Avoid experimenting and go with the regular colours. So, here are some nails that you can try this season.


This is a nail art that is apt for the season. It is a subtle nod to the winter chill. It is better to go a light blue background. This will help highlighting the silver and gray that is used for the icicles. It gives the dangling effect properly. One can also pull it off as gradient manicure which is a popular form.

Pudding nails

This season is also all about food. Yummy cakes and pudding rule the party tables. So, what will happen if you have pudding on your nails? Yes, you heard it right. Try pudding nails this season and bring out the foodie in you. Grab brown and white colours. Use white as the background and top it with chocolate brown. It gives a creamy effect, but it looks delicious and beautiful.

Shimmering snowflakes

People associate snow with Christmas season. Snowflakes are commonly used to decorate Christmas trees as well. So, why should you not try them on your nails? For this nail art, you can try something quirky. Instead of the regular, red opt for some glittery shades like purple and green. It is important to get the snowflake right, as that is what makes the nail art different. You can always use stickers to get the right shape and size.