Nails need love and proper care too

To keep your digits healthy before, during and after a gel manicure, you must provide them with the proper care

By Author  |  Rishika Bajjuri  |  Published: 15th May 2019  8:39 pm
Nails need love too

Although gel manicures are beautiful and long-lasting, they are also tough on the nails. Not only are they a source of nail brittleness, peeling and cracking, but repeated use can cause premature ageing of skin around the nails and even increase the risk for skin cancer.

It is fine to want perfectly manicured nails, but religiously putting them through the unrelenting process as a form of self-care can be more problematic than the intended effect. Hence, following necessary precautions pre-and-post gel manicures is crucial in order to protect your nails from further damage of any sorts.

Be gentle

Your nails are delicate and dealing with them in a harsh manner can cause an infection or in some cases, worse. Sahithi Reddy, gel nail expert at Nail Ishq, advices not to peel them off on your own. “Peeling your nails will deprive them of keratin on the nail plate. So it is advisable not to do so, and instead, come back to the salon to get them properly removed by a nail care professional.”

Rehydrate and repeat

“The recommended period of time to keep a set of nails on is for twenty days. In order to attain better looking, healthy nails, never delay removal or repair,” says Sahithi. With post-care, according to the nail care expert, applying oil or lotion followed by a gentle massage will help the nail regain its moisture and strength. But remember, as in most cases, moderation is the key when it comes to gel manicures.

Leave your cuticles alone

Nails need love too

“Your cuticles are there to help protect the new nails that are growing underneath,” the specialist explains. It merely takes a week or two for nails to grow back, so it is better to resist the urge to trim or pick at them. The more you leave your cuticles alone, the more they will thank you.