Naomi Campbell poses stunningly on NYC subway for Valentino

In one photo, she's seen sitting in a chair while clutching a Valentino handbag.

By Author  |  Published: 6th Jul 2020  2:50 pm

Supermodel Naomi Campbell posed around a New York City train station in the nude, all in the name of fashion. According to Page Six, the 50-year-old model posted a picture on Instagram featuring herself in the buff while exploring a subway station. In one photo, she’s seen sitting in a chair while clutching a Valentino handbag.

In another photo, she is seen waiting on the subway platform barefoot, holding a different Valentino purse. The third snap shows the stunner with one more Valentino bag in her lap, tagging the fashion house in all three posts.

The Making The Cut judge also mentioned that the photos went “unpublished,” meaning there’s no telling whether the shoot took place before or after the city-wide spread of Covid-19. The images shocked fans online, not only because of her state of undress but because Campbell has been particularly cautious when it comes to avoiding the virus.

She was seen wearing a full hazmat suit during a March flight from Los Angeles to New York. “It’s not a funny time, it’s not a humorous time, I’m not doing this for laughs,” she insisted. “This is how I feel comfortable travelling if I have to travel; I’m trying to keep it to a minimum.”