Need for sleep

If you always appear bleary-eyed due to lack of zzz, it’s time to download these apps on your phone

By   |  Published: 17th Aug 2019  12:01 amUpdated: 16th Aug 2019  8:39 pm

When was the last time you got a proper 8-hour sleep? In today’s busy world, people have hectic schedules, deadlines, homework, chores, all this while managing a social life. In all this, sleep takes a backseat. Whether it’s taking that late night call from another country or watching one more episode of the latest sitcom, teenagers and adults get a few hours sleep everyday. Over time, it can lead to stress, insomnia and anxiety. Proper sleep and meditation is a must. If getting enough sleep is an issue, these five apps should sort you out.

The app tends to soothe your mind right before your bedtime. It has a lot of sections containing relaxing music accompanied by measured breathing. Better sleep, developing gratitude, reducing stress and anxiety are just a few sections in it. It even has bedtime stories for both kids and adults, which are read out loud by people like Matthew McConaughey. Even though the basic version is free, if you’re willing to shell out some bucks for more features, you won’t be disappointed.


Being one of the most popular meditating apps, it even organises a sleep timetable and records you sleep cycles regularly. The free version of the app also has “sleepcasts” that are an hour-long adult bedtime stories that help you visualise calming experiences, like a slow moving car or a walk in grass with dewdrops on it. They will get access to more than 40-themed meditation courses for sleep and stress and music options to help you relax.

This one is for the insomniacs. It uses psychoacoustics, which are the psychological effects of sound to treat insomnia. The free version has more than 100 billion sleep music sequences called “focuscapes” to help you stay alert during the day and customisable narrations with programmed alarms called “dreamscapes”.

Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns and offers comprehensive statistics and daily sleep graphs so a user can get a better understanding of their sleep style and the shortcomings. The app also features an intelligent alarm clock designed to gently wake up the user.

Relax Melodies
A user can customise and mix sounds and meditations to play all night long or program them to turn off after a set amount of time, so they can drift into sleep and rest in silence. Approved by health and sleep professionals, it also features guided exercises with a pillow for a restful sleep.

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