Need for innovation at ground zero to benefit poor: Prabhu

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu feels that there is a need for innovation at ground zero and says that railway’s vast network can help SHGs by linking them with e-market.

By Author   |   Published: 22nd Nov 2016   4:31 pm
File Photo. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu

New Delhi: Strongly advocating for economic benefit to reach the grassroot level, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on Tuesday said there is a need for innovation at the ground zero to benefit the poor.

Prabhu said railways is offering its vast network to promote self-help groups (SHGs) by linking them with e-market to make their ventures commercially viable.

“We are supporting SHGs through our IRCTC portal. Railways has a vast network all over the country and we are providing them e-marketing facility,” Prabhu said at the JRD Tata Awards ceremony here.

“Railways is also working with NABARD for promoting products of SHGs. Artisans from Northeast are also being connected to the e-marketing network,” he added.

Referring to investment in the public transporter, he said railways is making huge investment to expand its infrastructure which will be beneficial for the country.

Talking of the economy, Prabhu said there is a challenge not only before India but also the world of how to make the benefit of economy reach the poor.

“The trickle down effect does not seems to work. In order to ensure benefit to common people, it should originate from there (grassroot). Trickle down theory does not work so why not integrate from the ground level rather than trickling down to (the) grassroot,” he said.

Highlighting the need for linking micro level with macro level in the economy sphere, he said innovation at grassroot is required.

“The gap between top and bottom level of society is huge. We need to develop role model as we need both big business as well as small business. We also need innovation at grassroot level. We must think about this challenge,” he said.