Neha Kakkar takes old route to fitness on ‘Pretty Fit’

The popular YouTuber kicks off the first episode of the show moderated by Prajakta Koli

By   |  Published: 22nd Jan 2020  6:59 pm

Neha Kakkar, the reigning queen of Indian music with an enviable fan-following across social media sites, has dominated the independent music scene on YouTube. Given her formidable command and star pull on the video-sharing platform, she was invited over to be part of YouTube Originals Pretty Fit moderated by India’s digital icon, Prajakta Koli.

The new digital show is about putting celebrities through a series of rustic routine chores to revisit the concept of functional fitness. Excited at the unique concept of the show, Neha stepped aboard to test her physical strength. Koli’s show kicked off with its first episode featuring Neha.

What made the episode more interesting is that in the course of it, Neha recounted her journey to stardom. The singer mentions that she began performing since she was four years old in jagratas. Neha said, “I was devastated and cried to no end when I was eliminated after making it to the top eight on Indian Idol. I thought ‘This is the end of my career’. The song that I last sang at my elimination was recently being sung by a contestant on the same show that I’m now judging. It instantly hit me with the realisation of how far I’ve come.”

Soon after a brief banter, Neha was introduced to her fitness task, which was preparing lassi from scratch. As someone who has never prepared anything, this was a colossal challenge for Neha; rising to it regardless, the singer pulled off everything from befriending a buffalo, to washing her, to milking her and churning out lassi from the curdled milk, the traditional way.

Ask her about the highlight of the show and she says, “It was all good fun and I am taking home a very unique fitness lesson. The whole experience of making lassi and applying the old school way to fitness was awesome. I have cervical spondylitis so that was an added challenge, not to mention I have never cooked or prepared anything in the past. This is the first time I’ve tried my hand at preparing something. Watch the episode to know how I fared.”