New game in an old theme

Soul Knight effortlessly engages gamers with its casual and trivial nature

By   |  Published: 11th May 2019  10:06 pm

My experience with Soul Knight is unique. This game was recommended to me by the Google Play Store when it assumed I was looking for games I could play offline. I dived into the game with minimal expectations and emerged pleasantly surprised. It was characterised by a remarkable simplicity and a super smooth experience that stood out.

The game is set in a classic Nintendo/Sega 80s-90s theme where the environments are beautifully laid. The levels are in the classic lime green for grass levels, stone grey for dungeons, and ice blue for snow lands. The accompanying music is a peppy theme that keeps spurring you on to clear obstacles. There is a certain dose of triviality that makes the whole experience seem casual and leaves you wanting for more.

Gameplay wise, the game is set at a fast pace and the action is frenetic. What stands out is the unique array for weapons. There is a specific energy system that is weapon-based and depending on your handling of weapons unique strategies can be formed. The game also has a unique level-based bonus structure that offers varied power-ups when you clear them.


Some include bouncing bullets, ability to poison enemies and so on. There are a lot of elements that make the game quite engaging and invest large amounts of time if you desire.Soul Knight’s only limitation though is a system where you start the game from level 1 at every time.

There are benefits to clearing levels, but you begin from scratch every single time.
This rule-set means that while it could be quite enjoyable in a battle royale game mode, it just seems out of place in an RPG style game here. However, if you are one who wouldn’t mind the grinding in every play window, this game could be a lot of fun.