New GO to regulate fee in private schools

Complaints about collection of exorbitant fee by private schools were received from parents, says Kadiam: Parents and academicians welcome the proposed move.

By Author   |   Published: 5th Jan 2017   10:38 pm Updated: 6th Jan 2017   11:55 am
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Kadiam Srihari

Hyderabad: Government is contemplating to bring a new GO to regulate fee in private schools. It is now examining the new draft rules framed by the Director of School Education after detailed consultation with the parents and private schools Associations, said Deputy Chief Minister, Kadiam Srihari.

He said complaints about collection of exorbitant fee by private schools were received from parents. He recalled how provisions of GO 91 issued to regulate fee in private schools were quashed by the High Court. Subsequently government filed an SLP in the Supreme Court and the latter passed orders upholding the High Court verdict. Now, the government was using the GO Ms 1 to regulate the fee structure, Srihari said.

He said regulatory committees were set up for government schools but for private schools no such committees were there. “Government will bring a new GO but before that talks will be held with the private school managements and the parents associations”, the Deputy CM said.

Poola Ravinder (TRS) expressed serious concern at the huge fee being charged by private schools. Many schools lacked basic facilities as they operated from apartments. Some schools kept strict vigil over students as if they were in jail, he said and asked the government to rescue the middle class families from the corporate schools.

Meanwhile, Srihari’s statement over regulation of fee evoked good response from parents and academicians. Eminent educationist and IIT guru, Chukka Ramaiah congratulated the Minister for taking the initiative. “The decision to regulate private school fee was taken due to staunch protests lodged by parents and the Hyderabad School Parents Association (HSPA) over hike in the school fee since several years,” he said.

He further said that there should not be uniformity on the school fee and should be fixed based on the slab system.

Welcoming the government move,Ashish Naredi, Executive Member, HSPA said that ideally the association wants an Act on private school fee regulation.

“We also welcome the GO. But the new GO should be worded properly leaving no space for private school managements to take legal recourse. This apart, the GO should be implemented fully and immediately,” he said.

On the other hand, the Telangana Recognised School Managements Association (TRSMA) wanted the government not to reduce existing fee.

“The existing fee should be retained. Based on the inflation, hike should be given to the schools. About 70 per cent of the schools are categorised under low budget and such schools should be exempted from district fee regulatory committee,” said S Srinivas Reddy, president, TRSMA.