Trollers made sure the airlines is bombarded on behalf of deboarded passenger.

By Author  |  Published: 12th Apr 2017  11:28 pm
United Airlines
Memes trolling United Airlines on Twitter. Source: Internet

The aviation industry is back in news again. The last time it made headlines was because an air hostess was ill-treated. But this time it is the other way round. On Sunday, a passenger was forcefully deboarded by the United Airlines. And the reason: the flight was overbooked and the crew did not have enough space to sit. 

Does the reason sound reasonable? Nah… so the passengers decided to take over things, resulting in the roasting of United Airlines across social media.

As per the US Department of Transportation’s Fly-Rights, “If no one volunteers, the airline can select passengers for removal based on criteria such as check-in time or the cost of a ticket.” But what we see in the video is more than mere deboarding. The passenger is seen forcefully being carried out by the security guards.

Felix Philips, a cabin crew of Spice Jet, said that the airlines usually does not overbook the flights as it can cause a lot of inconvenience. He shared that as per the policy if one of the cabin crew is unable to fly that day due to some reason, then they may have to deboard some people. He said that, apart from this, there is no other reason for them to ask people to get off the flight. “As per rules, the already sold seats may also be resold to customers if the passenger concerned does not turn up for the check-in,” he mentioned.

A frequent flyer, P Atria Gosh said that it is hilarious to see the tweets and post on social media. “It is a much-needed lesson that the airlines had to learn,” says Atria and adds that there is a post on Facebook which says United Airlines supports new ‘drag and drop’ feature. “I mean, it is really funny to see such posts which make people realise what the airlines had done in a humourous way,” she shared.

This incident has surely sparked not only criticism from across the globe but also numerous humorous trolls on social media. For the past two days, people have posted and tweeted all kinds of funny stuff against the airlines. Sample these hilarious ones on Twitter under the hashtags #unitedjourney, #UnitedAirlinesMottos and #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos that are sure to tickle your funnybone.