NGK is an avoidable flick

Director: Selvaraghavan Cast: Suriya, Sai Pallavi, Rakul Preet Singh and Devaraj

By Author  |  Published: 31st May 2019  8:07 pmUpdated: 31st May 2019  8:15 pm

Even as the celebrations are peaking about the greatness of our electoral polity here is another sad tale of a polity waylaid by political power and its lumpen extension. The repetitive visit to this theme lulls the viewer into a psychic belief that there is some one who will take control and offer the solution and we can await the coming of the Messiah. While the thematic content of a film is completely the choice of the filmmaker, it still becomes a matter of social concern when such scripts are backed up by great star value. It is also in keeping with the repute of Director Selva Raghavan that he makes a huge effort to project political violence.

NGK short for Nanda Gopala Kumar ( Surya) is a highly educated youngster who is bit by the social bug and wants to see a change in the socio-economic environ of the country. He defies the fertilizer lobby and in the process tramples on powerful toes. Soon he is face to face with the local MLA Penchaliah ( Illavarsu) who ill treats him and also has him cleaning his personal toilet and pimping for him. He soon meets up with the party chief (Ponvanna). Assisting the dirty picture of the opposition party is yuppie tech smart strategist Vanita ( Rakul Preet Singh). Inner party politics and its intrigue stretches to the Chief Minister Adinarayana ( Devraj) another corrupt extension of the system.

While NGK’s Mom (Uma Padmanabhan) opposes the moves of her son, he has the tacit acceptance of his father (N Ravi) and spouse Geetha ( Sai Pallavi). Soon the narrative turns meaninglessly violent and hordes of men beating up one another. Gang wars and blood spills make for the script navigated by the energy of the protagonist and the toxicity of the villains and Vanita.

Two and half hours into and out of the film you are justifiably tired of the mayhem in the name of change. The cast is uniform in its high decibel execution. One just cannot understand the tantrums of Sai Pallavi who shouts her lungs out and makes faces in the name of showing anger or pride.

Rakul is making a habit of overdoing her job. Even in a Hindi film appearance while the film has garnered popular acceptance it is clear that she is going overboard. She simply has no screen chemistry with Surya. The rest of the cast is tiringly type cast and the performances appear more vengeful of the film maker for type casting them than in interpreting the roles assigned.

Surya tries very hard to inject energy and variety to the script. He too is getting too loud for his boots. There has been a marked tendency among actors from the school to go overboard with their success and create for themselves a larger than life cut out size persona in the myopic belief that this is what the fans want. They forget that a true fan accepts a good actor. A successful star adjusts to his estimate of the requirements of his fan club. Surya is clearly erring in favour of the later.

This No Good Kickass is avoidable and not worth braving the summer heat.

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