NGO cheats thousands of women in AP and TS

By Author  |  Published: 18th Feb 2017  9:10 pm

Guntur: In another cheating case on the lines of AgriGold and others, in the name of women’s empowerment, development and providing self-employment at home, a Non-Governmental Organization namely “Global Giving” allegedly cheated thousands of innocent women of rural and urban areas of the two Telugu States to the tune of about Rs 50 crore. After collecting the money, it was found that the board and promoters were absconding, the victims said.

The NGO’s AP in-charge, Sayyed Khasim Bhasha, and his associates convinced the women of poor and marginalized sections, saying they would create self-employment opportunities by providing training in tailoring in the first phase and then providing sewing machines and then tailoring works.

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To get self-employment through this scheme, the women were asked to undergo training for six months by paying Rs 3,000 as application fee. After completion of six months, the NGO would provide a tailoring machine worth Rs 13,000 each. Then, the NGO promised tailoring work of national and international brands. Organizational structure was designed to put burden on locals.

No proper accounts
The NGO appointed coordinators for each district at the first level. The coordinators were given a responsibility to identify the trainers in the rural and urban areas and approach them to form individual groups for training, with each group consisting of 30 members.

Again, the trainers were assigned two responsibilities, including providing training and collecting Rs 500 from each woman per month for six months, for which the trainers would get Rs 6,000 as monthly salary from the NGO. The trainers had to give the collected amount to coordinators and they had to pass it on to the NGO.

In this manner, the NGO did not maintain proper accounts. Bank accounts were opened for the staff at the head office at Guntur, and also for coordinators.

The collected amount was taken by the NGO in two modes, one direct and the other through bank accounts of the office staff and coordinators. The NGO took away the bank passbooks, ATM cards, mobiles, SIM cards and account books of office.

The cheating came to lime light when a coordinator stumbled upon something fishy. The NGO had started collecting money from women from October, 2016 onwards, based at Guntur, according to Super Coordinator of the organization, Ch D Sireesha, who hails from Vijayawada.
Issue to the fore

When Sireesha along with two others lodged a complaint at Nallapadu Police Station, the issue came into the open. Sireesha said that she was appointed as a Super Coordinator of Global Giving by Khasim Bhasha, who claimed to be in-charge of AP Global Giving. He also introduced Ramadevi, his wife and also one of the partners of the NGO, and S Rani, programming designer.

Sireesha said she opened first training centre at Rajendra Nagar in Rajahmundry in East Godavari in AP, on November 1, 2016. From then onwards, she opened more than 120 training centres in East and West Godavari districts, Krishna, Guntur and other places in Andhra Pradesh and Khammam district in Telangana, she told Telangana Today.

She said that she alone gave more than Rs 2 crore by collecting from trainers of the various centres. She further added that at some centres more than one group was formed.

She said that she had deposited this amount in various accounts suggested by Basha and also gave money directly to him. She further explained that she came to know that she was cheated, after she went to Delhi on Basha’s word that she would meet foreigners coming to India to donate the tailoring machines.

She explained that she along with Rani embarked on their journey to Delhi from Vijayawada and Basha said he would come to Delhi by flight. Meanwhile, Rani stole Sireesha’s mobile and vanished from the train. Sireesha then returned to Guntur and lodged a complaint, she added.

Widespread cheating
Sireesha said that there were thousands of trainers who had given training to thousands of poor women in the both the States under the supervision of coordinators and all of them were cheated.

She stated that the fraud may be to the tune of more than Rs 50 crore, as she alone gave more than Rs 2 crore to Khasim Basha.

Karumanchi Prasanthi, office staffer of the organization, said that her bank account had been
used by Khasim Basha since long. She further explained that money was being deposited from various parts of the State and withdrawn by Khasim Basha. She further added that her cheque book, bank passbook, ATM and mobile number, which was given to the bank account, were taken away by Khasim Basha.

Kandula Chaya Durga Rathnam, a trainer at Guntur informed that she paid Rs 3,60,000 to Khasim Basha and she had been running multiple groups. She said that not even a single woman was given a machine.

Task Force teams deployed
Meanwhile, the AP police roped in the Task Force teams to investigate this inter-State cheating case. The Task Force teams under Commissioner of Police Vijayawada and Superintendent of Police, Guntur Urban district, have started investigations, said top cops of Vijayawada and Guntur Urban.

Nallapadu police station CI Srinivasa Rao informed that they had received complaint against Global Giving for cheating hapless women and it was under progress. He observed that as the nature of case was difficult to even understand from where to start, they had been gathering all the available evidence and facts.