NGO creates notebooks from scrap paper

It's time to adopt the idea of recycling by joining hands with NGOs that cater to needy students

By Author  |  Published: 10th Jan 2018  11:32 pmUpdated: 10th Jan 2018  8:52 pm

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and when you have a lot of papers lying waste at home, recycle them.

It is high time to move to a better lifestyle and make the best use of everything you have rather than obsessing over people who have already implemented it. Thanks to technology which makes almost everything possible in several ways… and paper recycling is surely a part of it.

So, instead of selling those papers to scrap dealers, you can donate the waste papers to some of the NGOs in the city who recycle them for the needy children in schools, slums and shelter homes.


Talking to Tabloid Today, the founder of Serve Needy social service organisation, Gautham Kumar, says, “We are working on ‘Project Green Book’ with a tagline ‘Save Trees Gift Education’ and we are focusing on collecting 50 tonnes of waste papers till February and then recycle them to distribute notebooks. These would be for the children in slums where some of the NGOs go to teach, over 400 shelter homes and also government schools in the city and nearby villages.”

He shares that the vendor, who will be given the waste papers to recycle once they reach the target, will give them around 2.5 lakh notebooks of different sizes, instantly. “The notebooks will be of different sizes to match with the requirements of students of different age groups. The main idea behind recycling is to also reach out to kids in villages also who do not have much privilege as most of the schemes, and people, concentrate on the schools in the city,” Gautham adds.The NGO is approaching many government schools and general public and so far has collected 2,000 kilograms of waste papers with the help of volunteers spread across the city.

Even a single notebook or a newspaper will do wonders and if the idea of helping the needy children not only in the city but also in villages for better education sounds good to you, then visit the page to contact the volunteers to come and collect the papers. You can even call 9550335994 or 040 2784 0994.

Taking up a similar initiative is Yuvatha, another organisation by youngsters from the city. The six-year-old organisation started this project one-and-a- half-years ago and is now working towards collecting 35,000 kilograms of waste papers to recycle them into one lakh notebooks.

“Earlier, we did a pilot project with 2,000 books and now the target is to collect waste papers till the month-end and then start the recycling process to distribute it before next academic session, as the recycling process takes two to three months. We will be covering the government schools in the city,” says Saketh Kothamasu, founder of Yuvatha.

If you want to be a part of this initiative, then, join hands with this team of youngsters by donating books and visiting them or calling them on 097012 27267.