Nifty things that make life easier

Take a look at these products which are sure to improve our life

By Author  |  Pranay Mukherjee  |  Published: 16th May 2019  9:34 pm
Easy Peasy

These are the products that you may not have known about that help improve your quality of life in small yet satisfying ways. Some of them definitely fall on the quirky side.

Fog-free mirror

Ever been in the bathroom and wanted to use the mirror, but it’s been fogged up? Well not anymore! A fog-free mirror has a special coating that prevents fogging through its hydrophilic effect. When the mirror gets wet, a layer of water forms on its surface. It allows you to use the mirror fog-free at all times.

Washable insoles

A major problem that occurs for a lot of people is when their shoes start to smell because they wore them without socks. The solution to this problem is washable insoles. With these, you can take the insole, wash it with a mild soap and reuse it, in order, to go sockless ,and keep your shoes fresh and clean.

Curved shower rod

If you are showering and all of a sudden your curtain which is covered in ice cold water touches you, you get disturbed and in some cases, a little irritated. Having a curved shower rod will not only prevent your curtain from touching you, it will also give you more space in general and allow you freedom of movement in the shower.

Time-marked water bottle

Easy Peasy

One of the most common occurrences during summer is dehydration, and this product is the perfect solution to counter it. This water bottle has different times of the day written all over the bottle for a person to keep track of how much water they need to drink by a certain point in time. They also get to know when to fill the bottle, this ensures that you drink the right amount of water every day.

Waterproof bluetooth speakers

There has been more than one occasion when we have wanted to listen to good loud music while taking a shower, but hesitated to bring the speakers or phones into the bathroom. Speakers for fear of getting wet and phone, for both fear of getting wet and because you can’t hear the music properly. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker can solve this problem.. It is a good investment that will surprise you with how useful it is.