Niramai opens cancer screening centre in Hyderabad

Niramai will offer exclusive breast cancer screening centre in Lumbini Jewel mall.

By   |  Business Bureau  |  Published: 29th Oct 2018  7:42 pm

Hyderabad: Artificial intelligence-based health-tech company Niramai is adding breast cancer screening centres in Hyderabad, Mysore and Mumbai. In Hyderabad, Niramai will offer exclusive breast cancer screening centre in Lumbini Jewel mall. While, in Mysore and Mumbai it has collaborated with Brindavan Hospital and Way2Health Diagnostics respectively.

The breast health screening technology developed by Niramai is unique as it is non-touch, non-invasive and non-radiation based. Their privacy-aware test for preventive breast cancer screening that was available only in Bangalore, Pune and Dehradun is expanding its reach to multiple cities.

The core technology developed by Niramai called Thermalytix, uses a high resolution thermal sensing device and a cloud hosted analytics solution for analysing the thermal images. Their SaaS solution uses big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning for reliable, early and accurate breast cancer screening. Niramai’s technology detects breast cancer at a much earlier stage than traditional methods or self-examination, the company said.

Dr Geetha Manjunath, CEO, Niramai, said, “Accessibility to high quality preventive care is critical to reduce breast cancer deaths in the country. We believe this can be achieved through partnership and collaboration. Our goal is to enable regular breast health check for all women in India in an affordable and accessible way”.

In Hyderabad, Niramai partnered with Murata Business Engineering (India) (MBEI) and Big Edge Solutions & Technology India.