No amount of magic can save this one

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a prime example of how developer greed and laziness can tarnish the legacy of a much-loved franchise.

By Author  |  Published: 12th May 2018  9:56 pmUpdated: 15th May 2018  1:08 am
Harry Potter game

I begin this review by telling you, that I am a massive Harry Potter fan (one of several), I have stood in queues to buy books, watched the movies on release day and acquired a lot of merchandise over the years. However, despite all this if there is one thing I have always lacked; it was an actual letter of admission to Hogwarts. This game promised me that experience, and thus I downloaded it when it was launched and dived in right away. My expectations couldn’t have been higher.

The game’s start couldn’t have been better, you receive the fabled letter by owl-post and a visit to Diagon Alley ensues; you buy a wand, books and board the Hogwarts express. The first view of Hogwarts’ great-hall will blow you away; the re-creation from the movies is flawless and you will soon run into some characters from the books and movies. The voices for McGonagall, Hagrid and Flitwick have been voiced by the actors from the films and he music is authentic too. The first impression couldn’t be better.

The collapse starts when the early magic fades and one progresses into the gameplay elements. The game has a story to tell but there is nothing much to do. Most of the game’s purpose is to repeat the same set of action in various scenarios to expend energy and earn stars. The game requires no skill of any sort and the novelty quickly fades away.

On a gameplay level, it has been designed for the sole purpose of squeezing money from gamers. The energy is never adequate and no scenario is unique. Everywhere you are just filling random repetitive bars with taps till you run out of energy. Seldom is the experience fun as you are always waiting for energy to refill. While playing, a full energy bar can be depleted in less than a minute, making the whole exercise seem unworthy. Why would one wait for three hours to save up energy and then spend it in a jiffy? In such scenarios, this game makes no sense.

If you love the Harry Potter franchise, then the first hour can be fun before you dread the entire experience; for everyone else just don’t bother with this one.