No camera ? No problem

Don’t let down the photographer in you; take great shots with your smartphone

By   |  Published: 19th May 2019  12:54 amUpdated: 18th May 2019  7:18 pm

Carrying the camera gear all the time, wherever you go, looking for the best capture material is not something everybody can afford to do. So, make the most out of the device which is bound to be with you at all times your smartphone.

Here are a few tips that help you click awesome pictures with your phone:

Light is paramount

Photography, whether it is with a high-end camera or a smartphone, light is something that’s very important. Also, smartphones don’t do that great in low-light; so, make the most out of the golden hours like just after the sunrise or just before the sunset. These are the times you could find the best of natural light.

Zoom in with feet

Make it a rule of thumb to never ever zoom in with your smartphone. The photographer will have to get closer to the object to get the best results. This point is one of the basic things to know before you start using your phone for photography. Zoom on mobile devices is never good.

Power of perspective

An everyday object could look intriguing just by changing the angle of capture. Explore the various angles in which you can click the picture of the object to make it look interesting. This habit not only helps in generating better pictures but also tells a lot about you as a photographer.

Clean glass

A simple act of cleaning the lens will have a lot of impact on the end results. A shot with a clean lens is always better than a shot taken with a lens that has your thumb prints on it. So, to improve your pictures, start by keeping the glass clean.

Mirror, mirror…

Here is something that makes to the favourite genre of many of the professional photographers – reflections. Try and look for things like mirrors, glasses, puddles, water, smooth or shiny surfaces that make great reflections. It’s a lot of fun exploring the shades of light and the different angles while dealing with reflections.

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