Now, cry and bring cheer to life!

For a crying club is here advocating that crying acts as a therapy for those stuck with pain and suffering.

By Author  |  Published: 24th Mar 2019  12:22 amUpdated: 24th Mar 2019  1:13 am
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Hyderabad: If you cannot laugh, bring cheer to life by crying. Give vent to grief, frustrations, rejections and dejections. Let tears rolls down, sob, weep and wail.

For a crying club is here advocating that crying acts as a therapy for those stuck with pain and suffering. And for the first time in South India, a crying programme ‘Tears to Cheers’ is being organised by ABC Laughing and Healthy Crying Club at Shree Gujarati Seva Mandal, RP Road, Secunderabad, on Sunday between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Speaking to Telangana Today, Ayub Khan, general secretary of ABC Laughing and Crying Club, said crying therapy is focused on relieving pain by sharing despair with a fellow member or a person.

Providing succour

Faced with troubles, issues and loss, many of us, particularly the elderly, end up suppressing the pain and suffering. “They cannot share their feelings with their family members nor with a stranger. Crying therapy acts as a succour for those who are psychologically and physically ill,” he said.

Anyone can come to the club and share their pain with others, sit back and cry. By sharing feelings, they get relief from pain and anguish. “As a result, several toxins from body get released giving them better health. Crying enables good functioning of heart,” Khan says.

Following the inaugural programme on Sunday, crying therapy will be conducted across the city every month, he says. Crying as a therapy is being introduced here by founder of Healthy Crying Club, Kamlesh Masalawala of Surat, Gujarat. “Apart from crying, laughter activity including making funny sounds, swivelling will also be performed to awaken the inner child and become playful to regain complete health,” explains the club chairman, AV Satyanarayana.

Laughing therapy, Satyanarayana says, came to aid when he suffered right side brain haemorrhage. “Doctors sort of gave up but I continued with laughing therapy which put me on recovery path,” he says.