Plant a sapling in the name of God

Asifabad Forest Division Officer Koduri Ravinder is giving a boost to the green drive with the help of Hindu scriptures

By Author  |  Published: 17th Apr 2018  12:00 amUpdated: 17th Apr 2018  12:20 am
Haritha Haram
A board educating people on the benefits of planting saplings under the Spiritual Haritha Haram in Asifabad.

Kumram Bheem Asifabad: According to Matsya Purana, a tree equals ten sons. The Yama (messenger of death) does not enter a house where sacred basil is worshipped every day, as per Skanda Purana. There are plenty of quotations underscoring the importance of planting and saving trees in Hindu scriptures. What if these teachings are applied to motivate people to plant saplings?

Asifabad Forest Division Officer (FDO) Dr Koduri Ravinder has been exploring hymns and slogans in the Hindu scriptures that stress on the need to grow trees. He gave a spiritual touch to Telanganaku Harita Haram programme and is encouraging the public to plant saplings. His attempts are yielding positive results with many coming forward to follow the method.

Haritha Haram

Authorities of Forest and other departments are trying to adopt innovative ways to involve people in the mass plantation drive of the State government aimed at increasing the green cover in the State. Asifabad FDO Dr Koduri Ravinder drew inspiration from sacred Hindu scriptures and conceived a unique programme titled ‘Spiritual Harita Haram’.

Dr Koduri Ravinder told Telangana Today that nearly 500 saplings of Marri (Ficus benghalensis), Raavi (Pipal) and Maredu (Aegle marmelos) species were planted in Asifabad town this year under the programme. “The move evoked a good response in the third phase of the massive plantation drive. “We are planning to plant 10,000 seedlings through a similar method in the forthcoming edition of the drive,” he stated.

Ravinder informed that awareness would be created among priests, astrologers and spiritualists over the initiative this month as part of the preparations for the ensuing edition of Telanganaku Harita Haram. “If you link any act with god, you can easily achieve success in our society. In Hindu scriptures, trees were revered as abodes of gods. Trees have been worshipped since ancient times,” he said.

A PhD holder in Astrology, the FDO believes that every tree represents one astrological planet according to the nature of the tree. By planting those trees, the malefic effects of the Malefic Planet can be ameliorated. “This knowledge is mentioned in Astrological Green Remedies Theory which is propounded based on the principles laid down in the astrological theories and my personal experiences,” he asserted.