Nurturing young minds

By   |  Anitha Stephen  |  Published: 27th Sep 2020  5:58 pmUpdated: 27th Sep 2020  6:07 pm

Teaching young children small chores in and around the house not only builds their confidence but also helps overcome their fears. It makes them happy and brings about a sense of pride that they have mastered certain skills.

Curiosity makes them excellent learners and they look forward to eagerly helping out their parents. They become more aware of the environment they live in. Their life is full of purpose as ample opportunities are given to them to explore and engage themselves. A rich environment helps the child to grow holistically. They face life happily as they open all the windows and doors of their life towards learning. They learn to become patient and imbibe many virtues with hands-on activities. Their emotional development is met over time.

For working parents, the best way to keep your child engaged is by making a calendar, planning activities for a day, week or month which is constructive. Children gradually learn to keep themselves occupied with the activities. A child looks forward to waking up in the morning happily aware that the day will unfold lots of innovative activities. Plan for your child keeping in mind his/her energy levels. Their activities need to be colourful and varied in the material. Simple intelligent activities are very important for a child’s overall development.

— Anitha Stephen
DPS Mahendra Hills