Octopus mock drill at Bhadrakali temple in Warangal

The drill was aimed at creating a people-friendly atmosphere

By   |  Published: 11th Jan 2019  8:58 pm
Personnel of the elite commando force Octopus (Organisation for Counter Terrorist Operations) during the mock drill at the Bhadrakali temple in Warangal

Warangal Urban: In order to send a message to the people that the police force is always ready to rescue them in case of any terrorist attack, the personnel of the elite commando force Octopus (Organisation for Counter Terrorist Operations)  with the assistance of the local police have conducted a mock drill at the famous Bhadrakali temple, which is one of the vital installations in the State, on Friday.

Since thousands of the devotees visit the temple every day, the Octopus has chosen it for the mock drill. A team of 45 commandos from the Octopus led by DSP (commander) E Srinnivas Rao, and another 45 local police personnel led by Warangal ACP Jogula Narsaiah have participated in this mock drill.

Speaking to ‘Telangana Today’, ACP Narsaiah said that they had conducted the mock drill at the Bhadrakali temple following the instructions from the Police Commissioner V Ravinder.

“The mock drill is aimed at measures that have to be taken during a terrorist attack. How to rescue and evacuate the devotees/people, if they were held hostage in the temple and also detect and defuse the explosive devices installed by the terrorist,” he said, adding that they had also conducted the drill called as ‘vehicle assault’ which is aimed at intercepting the vehicle of the terrorists at the MGM Junction.

“We have also used the services of the sniffer dogs and bomb disposal squad that identify and defuse the improvised explosive device (IEDs),” he said.

Meanwhile, the sudden arrival of the Octopus forces wearing the black dress carrying the most advanced weapons has shocked the devotees and local people for some time. However, they have calmed down after knowing that it is a mock drill by the police force. “This sort of the drill not only help the police learn the new techniques and keep the force be prepared, but also helps to send the people a sense of security that the police are ready to face any eventuality of the terrorist attacks,” the ACP added.