Ode to the young spirit

Summer child line-up brings to life, flowing and structured designs

By Author  |  Published: 15th Apr 2019  5:48 pm
Signature looks

Relive the carefree days of youth by checking out the new collection by Shahin Mannan. The beautiful metamorphosis of a young girl into a woman comes to life in her S/S 19 collection. It captures the memories of childhood as the girl grows up and faces challenges and finally overcomes them with a smile on her face.

Never backing down from her dreams and keeping her ambitions high, the girls travels the world wild and free, fighting for her rights.

This collection is an ode to a woman’s life following her goals, getting up as she stumbles and falls; even smashing the highest glass ceilings. The designs combine the rich earthy colours with signature Shahin Mannan embroidery conveying various milestones in a women’s life, her joys and triumphs.

Hailing from the Himalayas, native to Dehradun, Shahin Mannan has a Master’s degree in Knitwear design and technology. Every garment that she creates, tells a unique story in a sartorial style that bisects geographic and cultural boundaries.

Over the years, Shahin has expanded her horizon by exploring techniques and embroideries; she’s flawlessly breathed life into her ideas and watched them come alive from illustrations to finished garments. The designer strives to make ‘Shahin Mannan’ – a label that breaks barriers, that allows freedom of expression, that is an imagination which refuses to be confined.