Of love and gang wars

A socio-political drama based on two sects, their thoughts on freedom and fight for rights

By Author  |  Published: 14th Aug 2019  6:58 pm

Jab Sheher Hamara Sota Hai is a well-knitted plot of many lives and many small stories leading to one. Gang wars, love at first sight, desire to be the best and most powerful, control of the neighbourhood, revenge, failed administrations and a gang war backed by the socio-political society.

The play is based on two religions and their thoughts on freedom and their fight for the land claiming their so-called rights. The differences destroy many lives and will leave audience to ask some difficult questions to themselves.

Innocent lives falling into the so-called “power” trap and humanity losing its case at every step of the way. Two youngsters fall in love from the rival gangs and the never lasting tension between the gangs lead to a tragedy. Do they ever set aside their differences or there will always be such tragedies?

With 25 actors onstage, Kissago is all set to present Jab Sheher Hamara Sota Hai.
The play is written by actor, music director, lyricist, singer and scriptwriter Piyush Mishra and directed by Jay Jha. Tickets available on Bookmyshow.com. Contact details for further queries: +91 97000 74079.

What – Hindi play
Venue – Phoenix Arena, Hitec City
Date – August 15
Time – 8 pm onwards