OGH doctors remove ‘world’s largest’ gallbladder tumour from 60-year-old

In a surgery that lasted for over six hours, the surgeons of Osmania General hospital removed what the described as the 'world's largest gallbladder tumour' which was 20 cm in length, 18 cm in width and weighed 4 kgs.

By Author   |   Published: 19th Mar 2017   10:36 pm Updated: 20th Mar 2017   1:23 am
Gallbladder Tumour
Team of doctors who had performed the complicated surgery at OGH on a 60-year-old woman. Photo: By Arrangement

Hyderabad:The Osmania General Hospital (OGH) surgeons have removed what they described to be the largest cancerous tumour from the gallbladder in the world, after a surgery on a 60-year-old woman.

In a surgery that lasted for over six hours on Friday, the surgeons removed the tumour that was 20 cm in length, 18 cm in width and weighed 4 kgs.

The gallbladder tumour had spread into the nearby organs including liver, intestines and other vital structures, which made the surgery even more complicated, doctors said here on Sunday.
The medical team, which was led by Head of Surgical Gastroenterology, Dr. Ch. Madhusudhan, had to remove the gallbladder, a portion of the liver, a segment of small intestine and lymph nodes.

According to doctors, as per published medical journals, surgeons from Japan had removed a gallbladder tumour of length 10 cm.

“Gallbladder cancer is a common cancer involving gastrointestinal tract. Such tumours are lethal because the chances of survival of patients for five years after the surgery is less than 5 per cent. The average survival for any patient is just six months. Early diagnosis is very important,” Dr. Madhusudhan said.

Gallbladder cancer has a particularly high incidence in Chile, Japan, and northern India and occurs among 22 persons per lakh population. In rest of the world, such kind of cancer is found between three and six persons for a lakh of population.

The surgery team also included Dr.Pratap Reddy, Dr.Moksha Prasuna, Dr. Adil, Dr. Suresh, Dr. Prashanth and Dr. Yayadeep. Anaesthesia given by Dr.Pandu Naik, Dr. Sambashiva rao and Dr. Deep Raj Singh.

The patient was discharged on Saturday.