Oh! Baby: Samantha effortlessly elevates this celebration of life

Movie takes audience on an entertaining, emotional ride and shows to celebrate it

By Author  |  Published: 5th Jul 2019  8:15 pm
Oh! Baby
‘Oh! Baby’ is a remake of Korean movie ‘Miss Granny’. Samantha switches the role with ease giving the audience a taste of all possible emotions.

We often tend to miss out beautiful things around us and crave for things that are out of our reach. ‘Oh! Baby’ reminds us to enjoy those beautiful moments that unfold around us, through two characters in a single body. Yes, Oh! Baby is all about how Samantha effortlessly switching between those two characters: a 70-year-old granny, and a 24-year-old bubbly girl.

The movie opens with the life of Baby (Lakshmi), her family, friends, and a canteen that she runs in a college. The dominating character of Baby is unwelcome, though not openly, by the people present around her. Most of them consider her a nuisance, except her old friend – Chanti (Rajendra Prasad) and her son – Nani (Rao Ramesh).

Baby loves Chanti, Nani, and her grandson Rocky the most, and she supports Rocky unconditionally, unlike his other family members, to pursue music as his career, something that she couldn’t do.

She never misses to complain about her youth being wasted as she couldn’t experience what she wanted to. But, life had other plans and Baby gets a second opportunity to re-live her young age afresh, made possible through a camera click. And the click mysteriously transforms Baby into Swathi (Samantha).

Rather unconvincing, this transformation of a 70-year-old to a 24-year-old is the USP of ‘Oh! Baby’ which is a remake of Korean movie ‘Miss Granny’. The change works, quite literally, for Baby and the audience, as well. As soon as Baby disappears and Swathi appears in a youthful attire, Samantha gets into the driver’s seat, takes us on an entertaining, emotional ride in her second go at the life and shows us how to celebrate when life gives you a second chance. How does she achieve what she wanted, why did she miss all those things in the early days and will Swathi again become Baby is what the movie answers.

After watching the movie, it will not be an exaggeration to doubt whether any actress other than Samantha would have done justice to this role. The role requires to simultaneously act like an old woman and also as a young lady, and in most of the scenes as an old woman present in a young body. Samantha flawlessly takes up the challenge and switches the role with ease giving the audience a taste of all possible emotions.

Director Nandini Reddy deserves a mention for the characterisation of Chanti and his selfless friendship with Baby where they stay together, but still separated, in every aspect of life. How both these characters complement each other is endearing and it is one such relationship that is very rarely established on the screen. Also, actor Naga Shaurya’s act is important.

For a movie, which has music as a sub-plot, the background score is rather underwhelming but the songs are soothing.

Samantha single-handedly elevates ‘Oh! Baby’, which is a celebration of life. This role adds to the list of meaty roles Samantha has been choosing in the recent past, and this film will remain special in her career.

Though the emotional episodes in the second half seems a bit dragged, overall, it is a good entertainer which also makes us realise the love of parents and grandparents which might look overbearing sometimes.

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