Oil balance to give you a bright and luminous skin

A healthy diet and lifestyle can give you salon ready skin without any hassle

By Author  |  Shahnaz Husain  |  Published: 11th Sep 2019  7:41 pm

Every person’s skin is different, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to skin care. You have little control over how much oil your skin naturally produces, as this is largely determined by genetics and hormonal fluctuations within the body.

Environmental pollution, hot and cold weather conditions, heating systems, internal health, frequent travel and wrong skincare routine upset the oil balance which further weakens and sensitises the skin.

While everyone has some level of natural oil content on their skin, certain skin types can be oilier than others. Skin produces oil naturally and needs oil moisture for strength, elasticity, and to function properly. When your skin lacks oil, it turns dry.

There are also exaggerated versions of these major skin types, like dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, problem skin with pimples, rash or acne, ageing skin or hydrated skin. These types are due to their oil balance. In a normal to dry skin, the oil glands are less active, while in a normal to oily skin, the oil gland is more active.

The imbalance in oil gland activity can lead to skin problems. That is why the aim of skin care is to achieve an oil balance. People with normal skin are lucky, because their skin is balanced. There is a balance between the oil and moisture of the skin. A balanced skin has a soft velvety texture and colour glows under its translucent surface.

Beautiful as it may be, a normal, balanced skin also requires daily care. Skin care is according to skin types, which fall into four major categories, normal, dry, oily and combination.In oily skin, the sebaceous glands are over-active. They produce more oil than the skin needs. The excess oil also enlarges the pores, which gives the skin a coarse texture. The pores can get blocked with hardened oil, leading to blackheads and acne.

Specialised cleansing routines are necessary for so that the pores remain unclogged and skin problems are prevented. Use sunscreens and protective creams during the day. Choose oil-free, water-based makeup. This way the skin’s oil-moisture balance can be achieved. For oily skin, opt for a light, water-based moisturiser.

A healthy diet and lifestyle are also important if you want your skin to be balanced. If the system is congested, it reflects on the skin. Keep the system cleansed by including fresh fruits, raw salads, sprouts, whole grains and yoghurt in diet. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of fresh water daily. Drinking lemon water with honey first thing in the morning can make your skin glow.