Oka Chinna Viramam: Suspense thriller misses out fine details

Director: Sundeep Cheguri; Cast: Sanjay Varma, Naveen Neni, Punarnavi Bhupalam, Garima Singh

By Author  |  Published: 15th Feb 2020  12:05 am
Debutant director Sundeep Cheguri has put in a decent effort to entertain the audience

Not many thrillers in the recent times were written with reasonable accuracy as this one — ‘Okka Chinna Viramam’.

Although it has its own share of crass along with a pinch of comedy and suspense, debutant director Sundeep Cheguri has put in a decent effort to entertain the audience. The movie starts off with some intriguing music in the background showing the drone shot of Hyderabad’s Outer Ring Road (ORR) in the night, giving an impression of suspense and intriguing story.

Deepak (Sanjay Varma) receives anonymous and intimidating calls from an unknown person demanding money. Deepak’s wife Sameera (Garima Singh) is at risk on the other end. She could be taken hostage anytime. Anxious Deepak has only a few hours left to reach home driving through the highway. As he takes a shortcut, the car breaks down in an unmanned, pitch-dark undisclosed location leaving Deepak high and dry.

Bochu Bala (Naveen Neni) and Maya (Punarnavi Bhupalam), who are comical in their own sense and attire, are returning from a night party in their old Ambassador car. Maya recognises Deepak and renders help to him stating that she had met him before during a party sometime in Bengaluru. As Deepak is in dire need of help, he hops in to the car without a second thought. Bala navigates the car to an undisclosed location and gets lost in connecting to the destination.

The comedy from Bala and Maya didn’t really land well although some dialogues between them appear hilarious in the first half. The director maintained the required tempo and suspense with tight script but misses a few sensibilities as this one. None of the three try to navigate through Google maps or even take the help of technology on their mobile phones, even after realising they have lost the way.

Deepak fails to realise that the duo in the car had trapped him to steal the bag containing crores of rupees by staging a drama. What connection do Maya and Bala have with Deepak’s wife is a suspense. Away from the regular parcel of thriller, ‘Oka Chinna Viramam’ has layers which are loosely tied. Some of the scenes and dialogues along with the screenplay are too heavy to take.

However, Sundeep’s first attempt to tell a thriller is a decent watch as it neither bores you nor it gives any edge of the seat moments. The comedy timing would have been better if Punarnavi and Naveen had rehearsed well. Garima Singh and Deepak are good too. Music composed by Bharath Manchiraju will be an added highlight.

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