‘Oka Kshanam’, a watchable thriller

Cast: Allu Sirish, Avasarala Srinivas, Surbhi, Seerat Kapoor Direction: Vi Anand Music: Mani sharma

By Author  |  Published: 29th Dec 2017  12:04 amUpdated: 29th Dec 2017  12:23 am
Oka Kshanam
The movie is among the best of Allu Sirish’s career and the remaining cast gels well.

How often do we come across directors who deal with a complex subject but can make it look easier in execution. Vi Anand does exactly that with ‘Oka Kshanam’ as he picks up a rather complex concept of a ‘parallel life’ and executes it with a well-knit narrative while keeping in mind the regular moviegoer.

The movie’s strength lies in the way the plot keeps bouncing back at a time when you almost give up. Some convincing thrill elements come to the aid and keep the show going.

The story starts in a parking cellar with a situation between the lead characters Jeeva (Sirish) and Jyotsna (Surbhi) for whom it is love at first sight. From there on, the film gets into the groove.

Jyotsna is fascinated by a Big Boss like set up in real life and ends up peeping though windows of apartments to find out the happenings in other’s lives. She finds something unusual between a newly married couple (Srinivas Avasarala and Seerat Kapoor) and the story begins here, revealing that the same incidents in Srinivas and Seerat’s life are repeating in Jeeva and Jyotsna’s life too.

The first 45 minutes appear a tad slow, interrupted with forced comedy. Screenplay in the second half is much more effective with some edge of the seat moments coupled with a good background score from Mani Sharma.

Undoubtedly, this is among the best of Allu Sirish’s career and the remaining cast gels well. Surbhi and Seerat are convincing and Srinivas doesn’t get enough scope to give his best. Catchy lines are many and are lapped up by the viewers. A watchable thriller for this weekend.