Old mantras, new magic

Oddmar for mobile borrows from classics like Mario and Dave

By Author  |  Published: 23rd Mar 2019  8:00 pm

The charm of classic DOS games like Mario and Dave is of mythic proportions in the gaming community. Over the years, several games have attempted to integrate elements from them in the hope to recreate the magic. Oddmar is a game that’s trying to do the same, but makes its mark not due to successful recreation, but through excellent re-imagining.

The first impressions of Oddmar can be misleading; the game opens with Viking fervour that conveys the image of an action game. However, once you begin to play the levels you realise that the game is more in line with titles like Rayman and Ori than a traditional Viking simulator.
Right from the start, you notice the intricate detail and the deep level of thought the developers have put in. The cut-scenes are on par with flagship games on any platform, and the narration is of the highest quality – all things that encourage you to keep playing. With a unique premise and some entirely unexpected plot points, the game justifies its name as it is oddly captivating.
In terms of gameplay, most levels are puzzle-based and you need to draw on your skills of timing and observation to clear them. Jumping is a key element as you can use it to jump over obstacles, or in classic Mario style, thump enemies by landing on them. The game’s feel and responsiveness are wonderful, and the overall experience is one of remarkable fluidity. Most levels have hidden secret levels in Dave style and you can collect a lot of in-game resources by clearing them.

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Oddmar is an exhilarating ride, not just because of the seamless ways imbibed from the classics, but because it has re-purposed those classic game mechanics with unique new situations and rules of their own. A game that definitely warrants a try!