On this day: Lunar Orbiter 1 launched

By   |  Published: 10th Aug 2020  12:48 amUpdated: 9th Aug 2020  8:14 pm

NASA’s Lunar Orbiter 1 was the first US spacecraft to orbit the Moon. It was launched on August 10, 1966 to the Moon to photograph the lunar surface. It photographed potential Apollo landing sites and captured the first picture of Earth taken from the vicinity of the Moon.

Century-old cake ‘Almost Edible’

The Antarctic Heritage Trust discovered a 100-year-old fruit cake in a hut on August 10, 2017, used by Captain Scott’s expedition in Antarctica. The cake, made by the British company Huntley & Palmers, was still wrapped in paper and the remains of a tin but smelt good and was almost edible.

Monsoon mayhem in India

Monsoon flooding in southern and western India kills on at least 150 with 40 dead in Kerala State and 100,000 in emergency relief camps while hundreds of thousands have been evacuated from their homes on August 10, 2019.

Daylight meteor seen

On August 10, 1966, a daylight meteor was seen in the sky from Utah to Canada. It’s said to be the only known case of a meteor entering the Earth’s atmosphere and leaving it again.