One-stop shop for plant lovers

‘Paudhe se yaari’ is a concept store which has some interesting options for customers

By   |  Published: 14th Feb 2018  11:20 pmUpdated: 14th Feb 2018  7:55 pm

Located in Film Nagar, ‘Paudhe se yaari’ is a gifting store with a quirky, eco-friendly and low maintenance options. In fact, the name says it all and it is a one-stop shop for people who love to gift plants.

Brainchild of Gunjan Domingo, this store has a lot to offer to its customers. From the moment you step inside the store, you will be surrounded by various handcrafted and innovative potted plants. When you ask her how did she conceptualise the whole thing, she says that it took almost two years for her to make it a reality. “It all started with a thought of gifting someone something that is eco-friendly and useful,” she says.

Gunjan shares that her constant support was her son, who has taken a keen interest in plants as well. “I always believed in gifting people something that can be of some use to people,” she says. Gunjan thought gifting a plant is something positive and innovative,” she adds. A designer by heart and profession, Gunjan took active interest in giving this concept a new and different touch.

She says that they have a wide range of options to pick from. “Our unique selling point is planters like recycled, wooden, ceramic, glass, cut glass and terracotta. We even use old jeans, tyres and tins too,” she adds. Gunjan mentions that the plants they have are indoor and low-maintenance ones. She says that there are many people who love plants, but are forgetful. For such people, these indoor plants are a choice.

Gunjan says that apart from sale of plants, they also do a lot of customisation of these plants. “One can pick the plant and message what they want on it, “she says. Gunjan mentions they have a huge box full of messages, and the customers are free to pick whatever they want. “We also offer special concepts depending on the season, like for Valentine’s Day, we are offering wooden plants with names of their loved one and many more,” she adds.

Gunjan shares that now they are doing orders for wedding and birthday parties as well. “There has been a lot of change subject to gifting people,” she signs off.