Onesies are here to stay

These clothing options are cosy, comfy and cute all at once.

By Author  |  Published: 30th Nov 2018  6:43 pm

Footsie pyjamas, jumpsuits or blanket sleepers; no matter what you call them, adult onesie is the in thing now. A loose-fitting one-piece that is both cosy and stylish, that’s a onesie for you. It is a perfect outfit for those who love to laze around at home during those chilly days.

Usually made of knit cotton like the ones used in sweatshirts, these body suits are extremely comfortable. Like everything else today, they too can be customised to suit the customer’s needs; be it the colour, size, material, design, etc.

As soft as it can get

Onesies“The animal-styled onesies are my favourite,” says Neetu, a student in the city. “They keep me warm during the nights and their cuteness is an added advantage. The material used is extremely soft, almost like the fur of a newborn puppy; if I had my way, I would wear it all day round,” she adds with a laugh.
With the temperature leaning more towards the fewer numbers, most people, especially hostellers, are choosing these over multi-layered clothes.

Originally, these were designed for newborn babies, as sleepwear or travel options. But, their designs and concept have gained demand in such a way that the fashion designers stared coming up with similar ones for adults.
Couple and family onesies and the festive-themed ones are now available and on demand, making them ideal gifting options this Christmas.

Aiding airport look

Onesies have been in and out of fashion for quite some time now and celebs all over the world are known to flaunt them as their airport looks. “Onesies make perfect travel outfits,” says Preethi, who is a frequent traveller. “With a good number of pockets, onesies are lightweight and become one with skin, making them ideal for long flights,” she adds.

Onesies come in different patterns and materials. Though the animal-styled ones are fast gaining popularity, others like cheetah prints, Disney characters, food-related ones like pizza prints are among the most preferred options in the market.

“I’ve have recently purchased a teddy bear Onesie. It makes me feel as though I’m really inside the tummy of a giant teddy bear,” says Niharika, a resident of Kavadiguda.