Organic saris attract women

First ever exhibition of these saris is spreading awareness of natural products

By Author   |   Published: 26th Dec 2016   11:00 pm Updated: 26th Dec 2016   10:14 pm
organic saris

Karimnagar: Nowadays, quite a good amount of importance for organic products has been enhanced. People are showing interest in consuming organic food and the change has taken place because of the harmful pesticides which are being used to grow the variety of crops as well as vegetables. In order to satisfy the needs of organic food lovers, farmers and a few companies are germinating crops without utilising pesticides.

Like non-pesticide crops, organic clothes, especially saris have also arrived in to the market and for the first time in the north part of Telangana, these saris are on display at the eight-day Handloom Exhibition-cum-Sale at the Revenue Gardens, by Co-optex, Tamil Nadu. Women, who are ever ready to try something new showed much interest to took a glance at these organic saris which are manufactured only by using complete natural colours and other material. The saris are available in two different types. One is single pogu and the other is double pogu which are available in the price range of Rs 3,000 to Rs 3,500.
One of the customers, A Rama Devi expressed happiness for the availability of organic saris which were more eye-catching in colours and light in weight. Moreover, there is a possibility for women to avoid skin and other diseases by using these saris. Mamatha, a local resident said that the though the sarees were useful and safe for women, the prices of the sari were not affordable for everyone.

Exhibition in-charge, Kishore said that though the saris were already available at a few stores in Hyderabad, for the first time they are displayed in the districts of Telangana. “Including the thread and colours, every small material that was used in the making of saris were naturally produced,” he said.
–Raghu Paithari