Orijit Sen creates 3D charminar puzzle

Orijit Sen creates something that makes Hyderabad what it is

By Author  |  Published: 10th Jan 2018  11:35 pmUpdated: 10th Jan 2018  9:03 pm

Another spectacular creation of eminent artist Orijit Sen has brought to life the iconic Charminar in the most unique way. As a part of the Krishnakriti Art and Cultural Festival, the artist came up with an interactive artwork that engaged the viewers profusely.

Titled ‘Go places’, this is a 48 piece three-dimensional artwork that represents the culture, traditions and lifestyle of city. Orijit Sen says that his journey with the city started during his school days. “I was always fascinated by the charm of the Old City and I think that is what true Hyderabad is all about,” he shares. The artist mentions that when he got an opportunity to work on a project, he could not think of anything more iconic than Charminar. “I wanted to make something that makes Hyderabad what it is,” he shares.

Orijit started his journey by documenting every nook and corner of the Old City, which, he feels, is a melting pot of cultures and boasts of a mix of people. “It is one place that always had its independent culture from a long time and that is what I wanted to bring out in my art work,” he says.

The artist says that it is during this documentation that he witnessed how festivals like Muharram, Bonalu, Ganesh Chaturthi and many others bring people together. “These are not just festivals, they are street plays that bring alive the essence of the Old City,” he adds.

Sharing more about this art piece, he says that, as an artist, he always believed that art should be something that breaks the barriers between people. “So, I wanted to create something that people can feel and play with,” he adds. Orijit says that he got this idea when his daughter shared that her work at the art gallery was to tell people not to touch the art work.

Giving specific details, Orijit mentions that he wanted to show Charminar in a different way. “I worked in collaboration with renowned German artist Guidowolfram to give it that twist,” he says. The jigsaw puzzle has some intricate details about the Old City. “Once you join all the wooden blocks, you will get to witness larger-than-life scene of the Muharram procession around the Charminar,” he shares.

The artist mentions that the minar is also surrounded by a revolving ring which contains a trail of toy cars and the structure becomes iridescently illuminated when all the pieces of the puzzle are kept in the right places.

Orijit says that along with this, he is working on other projects on Bonalu and Ganesh Chaturthi which will be out for public view whenever they are complete. “I do not believe in working with deadlines,” he adds.

This art piece is open for public viewing till January 25 at Telangana State Art Gallery in Kavuri Hills.